Radio On


1. Under the White-Hot Light

2. Radio On

3. Ask My Clementine

4. Brittle Heart

5. Relativity Baby

6. Raise the Riot

7. This is Really Happening Now

8. Laugh About It

9. Lay It Down

10. The Thing We Did Last Week

About Album

Artist: A Different Engine

Release Date: June 25, 2019

Available Lyrics

Under the White-Hot Light

Take me back to 1993,
That’s the way the sound’s supposed to be.
It’s the way the music hits, the music hits,
The music sets us free.

Take me back to 1995.
That’s a time a kid could feel alive.
Back when we were feeling young, were feeling young
Were feeling we’d survive.

It’s the way we feel
Take a bite out of something real
Take a chance that we might steal some faith tonight.
Under the white-hot light.

Take me back to 1997
Back when all good dogs still went to heaven.
Back when we could crank it up, could crank it up
Could turn it to eleven.

Take me back to 1999
Back when we could read between the lines.
We could tell the best would soon, the best would soon,
Would soon be far behind.

Radio On

Since the cloud went up, we’ve lived down here
Where the air is good, and the water’s clear.

The handle fits in the palm of your hand
To generate power at your command.

We’re gonna’ crank it up, and we’ll get on the air
See if anyone else is still alive out there
And when the lights go out, we put the radio on
When the lights go out, we put the radio on.

Better keep the hatch pulled tight
Who knows what freaks might roam the night.

Ask My Clementine

We used to live in a better world, I used to be kinda’ hot-wired to my mind
We had a ball we could kick around, or we could fight or relax or just unwind

Take a walk we could take a walk, the screen would not interrupt what we might find.
I kinda’ think we were better off, in the analog world, yeah we were fine.

If you don’t know where she has been
And you don’t know the state she’s in
You can ask my Clementine, ask my Clementine, ask my Clementine
When she gets offline…

Are you the one gonna break it up? Are you the one gonna’ revolutionize?
Or do you just kinda’ go along, and try to sleep with the blue light in your eyes?

We used to live in a better world, I used to be kinda’ hot-wired to my mind.
We had a ball we could kick around, the screen would not interrupt what we might find.
We used to have to remember things, street names and directions intertwined.
Sometimes we would just get bored, and what beautiful thoughts we’d sometimes find.

Brittle Heart

Hey bad machine let’s get it on.
We don’t need to hear any other song.
Just a little way, just a little way.
Gonna’ be your day, gonna’ be your day.

Hey bad machine let’s face the dawn
You won’t turn to rust until it’s gone.
Sure it can hurt, yeah it can hurt
But I never meant to make it worse.

Your brutal hand, fits well in mine.
Let’s make a plan, we’ll let it shine.
I guess I should learn to take my own advice.
It shouldn’t have to be that hard.
I think it once, but you can bet I’ll say it twice
To the frustration of your brittle heart [repeat line].

Hey bad machine just screw the crowd.
I know the hate can be so loud.
Turn it to the light, turn it to the light,
You don’t have to rage with all your might.

Relativity Baby

Stronger than gravity, stronger than waves upon sand
Bigger than you and me, bigger than a love should ever be.

Darker than heresy, louder than cannons and bombs.
Brighter than the human eye can see, oh yeah…

You can’t stop it coming at ya’, you can’t stop accelerating

And your heart tells you “faster, faster now.”
But your head can’t begin to show you how.
’Cos it’s relativity baby, that’s driving you into the ground.
And it’s moving faster than the speed of now.

Crueler than tragedy, slower than the aging of stones
Wiser than comedy, softer than breath can ever be.

Raise the Riot

Feel it here in the coffee shop, feel it out in the night
Like the edge of a razor blade, flashing under the light.

Tell the girls in the record store, tell the boys on the street
Hungry howlin’ for something more, itching for a new beat.

We don’t care where, don’t care how, don’t care why,
We just care now, you say jump, how high?
We will raise the riot, we will raise the riot,
We will raise the riot, we will raise the riot act tonight.

Ask the kids in the candy store, looking for something sweet:
Are they hungry for something more? Maybe a little red meat?

They’re a little bit desperate now, sure could use some relief.
Something simple to show them how, how to cut some new teeth.

Gotta feel kinda’ shaken now, you gotta’ feel kinda’ fried,
Bad breath on the microphone, something broken inside.

They been closing the venues down, they been barring the doors.
But I think we can show this town we should be asking for more.

This is Really Happening Now

You don’t have to like her, you just have to love her for a little while,
Take a few knocks on the chin, come back and give us a little smile.

And she don’t have to need you. She just has to bleed you dry.
Stick around and you’ll go numb within the blinking of an eye.

Wind it up and you will let it go
There’s a new way you can shine.
When you know that it’s real,
When you know that it’s here,
When you know – this is really happening now.

Take another number, this one’s much too low for you
It will come fast and when it gets here there is nothing you can do.

Laugh About It

It might seem so appealing, pack up, lit out and hit the road.
Can’t fight that sinking feeling, dark nights, dank rooms, and all alone.

When are you coming home, when are you coming back to see me?
When are you coming home for good?

Seemed like it took forever, went south when we were having fun.
Look out for stormy weather, dark skies, cold nights and on the run.

You gotta’ laugh about it sometimes, or it’ll tear you in two.
You gotta’ try to find the funny side, or it’ll sure find you.

Said she had gone to find him, guess it was her was on the run.
Maybe a hole to hide in, just hit the streets and have some fun.

Lay It Down

I can hear it, man it moves me, translucent walls of sound.
Never felt like work, we mine it from uncharted ground.

Lay the needle on again and worlds collide before us.
Lift the needle off again and chaos might descend.

Play it for me like only you can, maybe they will understand.
From a whisper to a roar we turn it up because we can.

Before this night can fall upon us
Lay it down, weigh it down.
Play it loud and take me to the chorus
Lay it down, a wall of sound.

Conception’s only half the battle, the rest ethereal.
With rusty tools of hardest metal, shape this bright material.

The Thing We Did Last Week

Let’s do the thing we did last week.
That thing of which we promised we would never speak.
You said that buzz was quite unique.
We pushed the faders up until the levels peaked.

Some kind of wall of sound where we can run and hide,
To cure this emptiness inside.

I heard you rev it up to go.
Peel out in hyper-monophonic stereo.
Girl you can put on quite a show.
Sometimes I fail the test, but then you never know.

Baby, we could take a long slow ride.
Or maybe just commit adrenaline suicide.

Might be the biggest hit we’ve found
Some kind of crashing motorcycle metal sound.
And it might not be deep or profound.
But fire it up and feel the heat that comes around

Let’s do the thing we did last week.
That time we cranked it up and rattled all our teeth.
’Cos now I feel so incomplete.
It kinda’ chewed me up and left me thin and weak.